Introducing the Idea

Ham Radio Data for 70cm

Last-mile for HAMNET

A big design goal is to build a last-mile radio link for the HAMNET network. The propagation characteristics of the 70cm band make it useful for user-access to the HAMNET.


There will be APIs and protocol documentations for deep integration with custom new protocols. Also the hardware is released under an open-source license.

Multiple Users

A multiple access scheme is currently under development. The flexible TDMA/TDD scheme will enable multiple users to share a single base station.

Under Development

The protocol stack and the software are currently under development and are by no means finished yet.

Choose your power

The HRD70 design is available in two versions.


Designed for long distances. This 2 Watt version was the first iteration of the HRD70 design. It is perfectly suited for long distance communication and features an 33 dBm linear amplifier and a SAW filter. The power-supply section is using a modern DC-DC converter design.


USB stick format. Can be used in a city environment where the next base-station is close. Has an output power of 100 mW and was designed as a cost-reduced version of the HRD70 for affordable prototyping. The small form-factor makes it extremely portable.

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